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Survival Knives

The knives on this page are designed as survival knives.  I build them and put them on the website "Available" page as I can.  Sometimes I also send out an email to the Martin Knives Group or Facebook Group with a pre-build offer.  You can click on the picture to get specs, options and more pictures.  

I will be updating the gallery along so you will see additions and adjustments. 

If you want to join my email list so you can get an email when I put knives on the website, or notify of a prebuild offer, or put up informational videos just fill out the form below:

MK-T3 "E&E"

MK-T3 "Lite"

MK3 "Caddo"

MK4 "Llano" (Hilted Model)

MK4 "Llano" (No hilt model)

MK7 "Bushcraft Tactical"

MK10 "Bushfighter"

MK11 "Firecat"

"Wilderness Trail Knife"

Hill Country Survival Knife
Hill Country Survival Knife

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