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There are two ways you can buy a knife from me.  

First, you can just go to the "Available" page and see if there is one there that you want.  I make up some along and place them there.  If you are subscribed to my email list you will receive an email when I put new knives up on the website for sale.  Here's a link to a subscription form:

Second, you can get on a batch list.  When you find the knife you want in the Gallery just email me ( or call me (903)268-7013) and let me know which knife you are interested in.  I will put you on a request list and let you know when I am doing a batch of that particular knife.  You can then let me know the colors and options that you want on your knife. The colors and options that I offer are listed with each knife in the gallery.   

I no longer take orders and give a specific month of delivery.  I only do knives in small batches for the website and for those who have contacted me to be put on a list.


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