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Q: Why do you use CPM S35VN stainless steel on most of your knives?
A: Over the years I have used several different stainless steels. It was a nightmare trying to keep up with all the different kinds so I decided to narrow it down to one steel that I thought would best fit the bill. I thought we had done that when we found CPM S30V. It was made by Crucible Steels and was specifically made for knives. We used it on most of our stainless knives up until Crucible went bankrupt and we could not get it for quite a while. After Crucible recovered from bankruptcy we started trying some CPM S35VN which is the upgraded version of CPM S30V. We noticed a marked improvement in the toughness of the steel and the workability, so we started making the transition over to it.

There are different opinions out there about whether it is better than S30V. If you are not familiar with steels don't let the options confuse you. Look at the data sheets instead. They will give you the cold hard steel facts. Go to the link to find the data sheet for CPM S35VN. CPM S35VN Data Sheet

While CPM S35VN is more expensive that most stainless steels used for knives, I felt that I had rather have the top quality it provides for our customers. I will use it until something better comes along, but I don't see how you can get much better.

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