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You might be an experienced woodsman or a military professional.  Or, you might be just getting prepared for hiking or camping or hunting.  Heck, you might just like knives and like collecting something more useful than stamps.  Well, this is the place where quality reigns.  There is nothing like a top quality hand crafted knife when you need performance.  The time and TLC invested in them gives you a tool that will stick with you through the most grueling situations.  This kind of quality does not come cheap, but cheap is not what you want when your life may depend on it.  So, take a look through the gallery pages and see if your perfect knife is listed.  Then email me or give me a call and get your request in.  Remember, quality takes time, so it may take a little while to get it done, but it will be worth the wait.  If you can't wait, then take a look at the AVAILABLE page and see if there may be something there that will fill your hand.  Thanks for stopping by and bookmark us so you can come back often.  

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